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All I want for Christmas, is a few answers...

Q1: What is happening at CrowdLords?

Q2: What is happening in the property market?

Q3: Which supermarket Christmas pudding rates highest in the latest review?

Q4: How on earth are you going to find that “must-have” present amongst every other elbow waving, ruddy faced, Christmas panicked shopper in the last few days before Christmas?

This may be something to read whilst you’re standing in that never-ending queue for Great Auntie May’s umpteenth box of Christmas biscuits.

Answer 1:

We intend to launch in January. Discussions ensue with our first potential LandLords as we analyse properties for their returns for both the LandLords and crowd Investors; our Techie-whizz kids are making finishing touches to the platform as we speak; our solicitors are finalising our investor contracts, dotting their "i"s and crossing their "t"s and then we will be ready to LAUNCH!!!!

Answer 2:

The subject of House prices over 2015 seems to be on everyone’s minds. The Daily Mail have quoted the RICS’ opinion, which could easily be seen as an assumption based on the SDLT changes alone, whereby property in more affluent areas stagnate as a result of increased Stamp Duty prices to pay, and that cheaper property will increase in value owing to the purchaser having more money to dispose of. This is not a theoretical economic breakthrough and is a commonly voiced opinion across the mouths of many speculators.

An article in the Times and Homes and Property points at the change in property prices and the forecasts for 2015, suggesting that there will be a continued growth in the rental market, and that different areas in London will experience varying levels of growth owing to new infrastructure being introduced and new types of markets evolving.

Sales figures for 2014 were released today by Hometrack, which demonstrated evidential regional differences in property performance. Hometrack focuses on property sales in 20 different cities across the UK, as a reflection of the entire country. These results reflected that the majority of UK house prices are continuing to increase. Their argument for falling prices in Aberdeen for example, is directly related to the local economy. Equally, The Times reflect this regional perspective in their discussion about the effect of Russia’s Rouble performance in the London Property Market, with a reduction in the purchase of sub-£5million properties by Russian purchasers, whilst the top end properties in excess of £20 million are retaining their Russian market.

There has been a reduction in growth in London, which The Times suggests could be a pre-Christmas lull. Considering all these potential factors, it is difficult to know what the real driving factor is in the rise and fall in property prices, even retrospective speculation cannot give a certain answer, so maybe it is best to ask Father Christmas for the best outcome for you.

Answer 3:

According to the Letts family, the pudding to buy this year is “Waitrose Richly Fruited Christmas pudding.”

Answer 4:

I can not be certain exactly how to find that present, but I can estimate that the process will cost you several bruised ribs, raised blood pressure and the departure of those last few bank notes in your wallet/handbag; then finally relief.  The relief is not because you found the holy grail, but just because you escaped the sweltering, stressful environment with something in your hand that vaguely resembles a gift, and chiefly, you no longer have to endure another repeat of Slade’s now ironic "Merry Christmas Everybody"… until Christmas Day, by which point we at CrowdLords hope that it genuinely is.