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Are landlords really that bad?

I have recently been conducting a lot of online research to find out as much as I can about landlords, to help me with CrowdLords, my new business venture. However, what I’ve read has been quite a shock. I always knew that landlords had a bad image but what I’ve found has been quite surprising. As a landlord myself I can’t help but think the public opinion serves a real injustice to most landlords.

Ok, I am sure there are some landlords who fit the stereotypes. Greedy. Selfish. Uncompromising. But surely those are personal traits, rather than requirements of being a landlord.

And on top of that landlords are being blamed for shutting young people out of home-ownership. It is becoming harder and harder to obtain a mortgage so I understand the frustrations. And what it really highlights is that there is a real need to get more people on the property ladder in some way.

And this is part of what we are trying to achieve with CrowdLords. More people should be able to benefit from Buy-to-let by becoming a landlord or by investing in Buy-to-let properties. At the moment it’s not an option that’s considered and we want to open up the Buy-to-let market to more people.

And by opening up the Buy-to-let market to more people hopefully we'll start changing the way people see landlords!

Have a further read of Richard Blanco's "The Evil Landlord;" highlighting the injustice of UK landlords in the media.