Posted on 29/05/2018 15:24:35   by   Shahzad Mahmood

Buy-to-let investments without the long-term commitment

Crowdfunded property investment is still new to many people. Although the overall concept is easy to understand, investors are aware that this new form of investment can still feel unproven. Using a model similar to that of a standard buy-to-let, CrowdLords have developed a new way to ease investors into the Crowd Investing, by offering an option called Interim Equity.

Interim Equity was initially created to help landlords fill a funding gap after they had paid their non-refundable deposit on a property, only to find that the original mortgage was no longer available, but they were certain that they could raise funds within the year to make up the difference.

At the same time, our investors wanted the security often found in buy-to-lets with above average yields, but were looking for something much shorter than a 5 year investment term. Interim Equity is sometimes an advantage to the investor because of the circumstances of the landlord, who is often  willing to pay a higher proportion or income and growth, alongside guaranteeing an exit for the investor.

As an investor in our current Interim Equity investments, you receive:

  • Rental income paid annually in advance
  • A shorter investment term, only 12 months
  • Value creation because of the “off-plan” discounted purchase price
  • Without the uncertainty of “off-plan” purchases
  • No reliance on market growth
  • A very predictable return due to the pre-agreed exit share price
  • A higher than average return

CrowdLords has already raised nearly £500,000 for Interim Equity Investments, and it has proved popular with both experienced and new property crowdfund investors.

If you’re new to CrowdLords, we currently have a First-Timer Investor offer which you could take part in.

From now until the end of 2016, anyone investing on the CrowdLords platform for the first time will be eligible for a CashBoost of up to 3%.

A CashBoost is like Cash Back, but rather than paying you cash as an incentive, we increase your investment instead, so that your CashBoost earns a return as well.

The larger your investment, the more CashBoost you earn, starting at 1% for the minimum £1,000 investment, rising to 3% for any investments made over £5,000 up to a maximum of £20,000.

So, to avoid confusion, if you invest the amounts shown below you earn a CashBoost as follows:

  Amount Invested  Cash Boost rate  Cash Boost amount  
>£20,000 3% up to a maximum of£600

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Please note: This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other CrowdLords promotion

As with all our investments - Your capital is at risk.

Promotion Terms & Conditions

Any investments that are part of an Investors 'first investment' between 1st November 2016 and 31st December 2016 qualify.

For this offer we combine any investments made on the same day and treat the total as being your 'first investment'.

Subsequent investments made on another day do not qualify for CashBoost.

Once your CashBoost rate is set, that is what is added to your investments, even if one of the investments you have committed to fails to achieve target and part of your investment is returned.

CashBoost is always added to your investment and there is no cash alternative.

CrowdLords investments are only available to accredited Investors who according to FCA classifications are High Net Worth, Sophisticated or Professional Investors.