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Crowdfunding is scary but exciting

Crowdfunding is a great concept and we think it's really interesting which is why we wanted to create a business in the space. 

It's also the reason why we wanted to raise funds through the crowdfunding platform Seedrs. It's been a really interesting process and one we'll never forget. I've definitely experienced mixed emotions of panic and extreme excitement.

What's great about crowdfunding is that the crowd decide what they want to back, which is fantastic. But when you're the business looking for the backing it can be quite scary. You never truly know what the crowd want. It's amazing how obsessed you get with checking your funding progress, near the beginning of our funding I was waking up several times a night to take a look!

We are incredibly happy with how our funding has gone on Seedrs and we want to thank everyone who has invested so far. After just over 2 weeks of our campaign being live to the public we surpassed our £90k target and we are now in overfunding and looking to reach £150k.

You can check our our campaign here: