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Get your foot on the property ladder with Equity Crowdfunding

A large proportion of the UK population are struggling to get their foot firmly on the property ladder due to pricey deposits and unaffordable mortgage rates. Here at CrowdLords we offer an alternative method of financing property.

Equity crowdfunding is now a mature, alternative source of finance that can make the dream of becoming a home owner a reality. It has been proven to be an efficient and powerful way of opening up direct investment into businesses. An article by the Guardian describes crowdfunding as “providing the perfect match maker” between investors and new projects. Despite the speculation over its risk factors, it has recently been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Christopher Woolard, the director of policy, risk and research at FCA, says: "We want to ensure that consumers are appropriately protected – but not prevented from investing. The rules provide consumer protection while allowing businesses to continue to have access to this innovative method of funding."

By applying the principles of crowdfunding, more people are being given the opportunity to get involved in the property market no matter how experienced they are or how much money they have.

To read more on Equity Crowdfunding visit the Guardian.