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Introducing Immocratie, the easy way to invest in the French real estate market

People who know us will know that we’re passionate about spreading the benefits of property crowdfunding to as wide an audience as possible. So we were delighted to recently make acquaintances with a platform based in France with the same values.

Immocratie is a French a real estate crowdfunding platform. It allows investors, individuals or companies, to invest in French real estate projects with investments starting at €1,000 and expected net annual returns of 10% to 15%.

The projects are selected by a strict expert committee who focus on quantitative and qualitative criteria for the location, planning permissions, price point and track-records of the property developers. When investors invest through immocratie, they invest directly into a real estate project. They are not lending money to the platform, the money goes straight to the developer – hence the need for exhaustive due diligence on the projects but also on the developers.

For each selected project, investors can buy private bonds (with a set interest rate and a set due date) that will provide the additional equity to the property developer. The interests are paid at the set due date (typically near the expected date of completion of the project) along with the original capital invested. The investment maturity is usually between 6 months to 18 months.

On the immocratie platform, investors have access to all the very detailed information about the project and the developer; they can then pick the project that matches the level and type of risk they are comfortable with. After picking a project, investors sign the legal documents electronically (SMS sent to their French or international mobile number).

Immocratie makes sure the investors are always up to date about their investments via frequent (usually monthly) investor reports.

If you want to benefit from the strength of the French real estate market, immocratie is your opportunity. Immocratie is only available in French for the moment but will provide, on request, English documentation on the selected projects… and they speak pretty good English so you can also call them on +33 145 612 385