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Private Landlords - help or hindrance?

We've known from our own experiences that raising the finances and taking your first steps into buying and renting your property out is anything but easy. The result is that the majority of the private rentals in the UK are owned by so few.

An article written by Alan Ward, Chairman of the Residential Landlords Association for the Telegraph helps to highlight the importance of supporting our UK landlords instead of branding them.

Due to the current housing shortage, the market is crying out for more rental property therefore it is our duty to encourage and support new and current landlords to expand their portfolios. There are already “89% of individual landlords in the UK who control around ¾ of the private sector market”, however by encouraging them to invest in a second or third they will be providing an influx of potential homes for tenants who so desperately need them.

We believe it is crucial not only to help our current landlords expand their portfolios, but to encourage and assist new landlords into the buy-to-let market. In today’s market, many young aspiring landlords are struggling to get their foot onto the property ladder.

Here at CrowdLords we are supporting our landlords, will you?

To read Alan Ward’s full article visit the Telegraph.