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Stepping out of the office

Two freshly made banners slung over a shoulder, a MacBook Pro in the rucksack and several hundred newly printed business cards to hand… I was ready for action at the Landlord Investment Show (as I pounded the streets to get to Kensington Olympia).

Ali managed to travel with two glass bowls across London (no mean feat!) with flyers aplenty and our secret weapon to entice the unsuspecting attendees… marshmallows and mint crumbles!

Banners assembled and the full team in place; we waited for the doors to open. Following our event on Monday night at the Crown Pub in Twickenham, there weren’t many questions that our team had not answered.

Before the doors opened, we found a rather interesting character from Hawke (pictured). Whilst Big Bird may have been “educational,” Tweetie Bird amusing, and Galapagos Finches theoretically useful to Darwin; this bird offered something different… interest in what CrowdLords do (alongside pertinent questions and intelligent conversation). This was a taste of the day ahead.

As the conference centre became busier and busier, there was an overwhelming level of interest in CrowdLords; Who are we? What do we do? How does it work?

What we were taken aback by was the excited reaction to our answers… we seemed to offer solutions to different scenarios. People were genuinely as enthusiastic as we are about our company and what we offer.

After a long day of insightful seminars demonstrating future technologies in property and advice to landlords, numerous conversations with everyone from property focussed solicitors to funky furniture salesmen, and a lot of scouring other stands for the best selection of sweets; we wrapped up our stand. Having talked until our throats were dry, we felt that it was a very successful fun day, where CrowdLords had finally left the office and made a mark in the Landlord space.

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