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Stop resisting temptation and see your savings grow with property investment

Investors have been interested in property for many years now, I mean who wouldn’t be. However with low interest rates and property prices fluctuating, and the threat of another housing bubble, many have been hesitant in approaching the possibilities of investment in property. One must not ignore the risks involved in property investment, but no great reward comes without a little risk. In recent years the buy-to-let market has seen a resurgence in property investors. An increase in those looking to rent, higher rental yields and improving mortgage rates have been too tempting for some to ignore. With many more people now interested in growing their wealth through property than in shares, it is no surprise that we are seeing a change in the demographics of current UK property investors.

A recent survey conducted by Property Hub with 162 of members revealed some interesting results on the changing demographics of UK property investors in 2014. Their research revealed that despite common consensus that property investment is usually an activity pursued by the older generation, 33 is now the average at which investors start their property portfolio. It was even found that 20% of their members bought their first property under the age of 25. These statistics help to highlight that the younger generation are beginning to take notice of the potential savings that Buy-to-let property can offer against the typical savers accounts and stock markets that were once sought after.

As a young landlord myself -I bought my first property at the young age of 20 - I feel really lucky to have entered the property market when I did. I was in a fortunate position at the time; my mother had been in the Buy-to-let business for many years so I was able to learn from her and she gave me the confidence to give it a go. 33% of Property Hub member’s confessed to having wished they had been encouraged to start at a younger age.  In setting up the CrowdLords platform I’m hoping we’ll make it possible for everyone to get involved with Buy-to-let property investment by removing many of the common barriers and giving people the opportunity to get started in reaping the potential rewards of property investment.

When Property Hub members were asked how many properties they owned, the results revealed that the average investor owns 4.78 properties. While 96% were found to own less than 10 properties, thus giving them a pretty impressive property portfolio to their name.  You may not aspire to be the proud owner of a 700 property portfolio like Fergus and Judith Wilson but using Crowdfunding and making low levels of investment possible, we’ll offer a new way to expand and diversify your property portfolio.

These statistics are fantastic at providing us of a snapshot of what we can expect from UK property investors in the future. Now is the time of the Buy-to-let boom, and it’s even easier to be involved!