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Stripping British Landlords of their Big Bad Wolf stereotype

It is fair to say that landlords have had their fair share of bashing over the years.

In today’s society the persona of a landlord has been stereotyped as the big bad wolf; dodging taxes, exploiting the deposit protection scheme, neglecting their properties and their tenants’ rights.

The article written by the Telegraph on former Boots boss, using buy-to-let as a way of replacing her salary; received very mixed reviews from its readers (all of which can be viewed along with the article at the link below). Some accuse her of being a greedy landlord, denying our youth the chance of buying property and with a lack of respect for her tenant’s well-being. The public’s opinion is a very powerful tool in shaping the reputation of our UK landlords, one that should not be ignored.

Therefore, being tarred by the same brush, it makes you question who would want to be a landlord? But at CrowdLords, we believe that if we could change the balance and involve everybody in buy-to-let then everyone could benefit.

We believe it’s time to alter the big bad wolf stereotype that British landlords have been branded with, and provide the ability for a new breed of British landlord to thrive.

Click here to read the full article from the Telegraph.