Equity and Debt - How are they different?
Posted on 10/08/2018 17:49:05
CrowdLords Team
Learn more about the differences between debt and equity investments
How is Property Crowdfunding Regulated?
Posted on 14/08/2018 12:08:43
As more investors seek out property crowdfunding schemes to gain exposure to the UK real estate sector, regulations surrounding this financial activity have evolved under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Find out more about how property crowdfunding is regulated here.
Co-investing in a central Birmingham residential development
Posted on 24/08/2018 12:39:53
CrowdLords Team
Edward Street was one of our first developments which has recently come to term. Learn more about this new development investment. 
UK Leads the Way in Alternative Finance
Posted on 10/09/2018 12:26:36
CrowdLords Team
The UK leads the way when it comes to growth in the alternative finance sector. And much of this growth is due to the increased demand for investment models such as property crowdfunding. But why is this the case and will it continue? 
Understanding the Capital Stack
Posted on 26/09/2018 16:47:41
Richard Knight
Knowing what the Capital Stack is, and gauging the importance of what each tier means in relation to your property investments, is a highly important factor of Alternative Finance. Monitoring your property investments on the Capital Stack is a simple way of diversifying your portfolio which can help to mitigate the risks involved in Property Crowdfunding.
Understanding the capital stack with different levels of investing
Introduction to ISAs
Posted on 28/09/2018 16:25:12
CrowdLords Team
A short introduction to ISA's, the types available and how IF-ISAs have helped generate funding capital for businesses
A Closer Look at Due Diligence in Property Crowdfunding
Posted on 05/11/2018 11:22:59
As an individual investor in property crowdfunding, it is recommended that you factor due diligence into your selection process. Whether it’s evaluating the strategy taken by your investment platform in assessing projects or performing your own personal due diligence, caution and consideration go a long way. 
Top 5 Myths and Truths about Property Crowdfunding
Posted on 12/11/2018 17:42:16
As a relatively new industry, property crowdfunding naturally comes with many question marks and rumours as to its credibility, effectiveness and regulation. For investors looking to invest in this new and exciting sector, here are the top 5 myths and truths about this investment model.
The differences between Interim Equity and Full Equity
Posted on 19/11/2018 15:09:08
CrowdLords Team
We recognised that many of our investors were new to the idea of buying shares in SPVs and were put off by the idea that the exit date and the actual returns may be different to what they expected. So we developed a product we call Interim Equity – buying shares in the SPV for a fixed period and with a fixed return. We facilitate this by using Preferred Redeemable Shares as opposed to Preferred Ordinary Shares.
How do you decide which investment is best for you?
Posted on 04/01/2019 10:41:23
CrowdLords Team
It’s not unusual for Investors to ask us which investment they should choose. But, since we’re not allowed to give advice, it’s a very difficult question to answer because everybody’s personal situation; including the reason they are investing and their attitude to risk; is different.
Why invest in Birmingham
Posted on 11/01/2019 15:51:14
CrowdLords Team
Here are some reasons why we think you should consider investing in Birmingham 
Investing in Developments - Understanding the risks and the rewards
Posted on 13/02/2019 14:56:56
CrowdLords Team
Understand our risk system, and how our returns are calculated
The Common Questions investors are Asking About the IFISA
Posted on 15/02/2019 14:29:30
CrowdLords Team
Learn more about the CrowdLords IFISA, and how to get started today
How do you choose an investment
Posted on 22/02/2019 18:28:52
CrowdLords Team
As most people are new to Property Crowdfunding we thought it useful to highlight the differences to help you decide which investment, or even which combination best suits your situation and your risk appetite.  

We’re also launching our latest investment, a mixed use conversion on Braintree High Street which offers either a 2nd Charge Debt option offering with target fixed returns of 16% p.a.* or  an Interim Equity investment offering target fixed returns of 22% p.a.* .

Confused? Hopefully you won’t be after you’ve read this article
Crowdfunding marks the fall
Posted on 27/02/2019 12:52:08
CrowdLords Team
Banking woes - how retail banks are creating a market for crowdfunded property investment.
Crowdfunding, a game changer
Posted on 27/02/2019 12:57:13
CrowdLords Team
Regulatory improvements – why “some of the platforms surveyed in our study indicated that this change may actually make property crowdfunding an attractive option for retail investors [who] want to take advantage of [income-bearing] property assets”
Is this the year alternative finance goes mainstream?
Posted on 06/03/2019 15:34:02
CrowdLords Team
Funds invested in UK crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lender market grew 35% in 2017. Investment types are changing too. Significant growth comes from UK real estate crowdfunding.
What exactly are P2P lending and Property Crowdfunding? Are there any differences bet
Posted on 07/03/2019 16:38:21
Richard Knight
Increasingly, over the past decade, the UK property market has embraced Peer to Peer (P2P) lending and Property Crowdfunding platforms. Recent statistics also indicate that this trend is not about to disappear any time soon.
What exactly are P2P lending and Property Crowdfunding? Are there any differences bet
IFISA at the heart of UK property lending product change
Posted on 07/03/2019 17:05:31
CrowdLords Team
UK property crowdfunding platform CrowdLords focuses on Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs) so investors can transfer ISAs or use annual allowances of £20,000 for tax free returns.
Meet the Developer
Posted on 15/03/2019 14:50:37
CrowdLords Team

Our latest Development Partner is the London Office of Grace Charles Property ran by Ben Butkus and Raouf Belmouloud. We met with them to find out more about their story and to discuss what attracted them to the project on Braintree High Street: